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Liverpool Nights

This lovely ballad in waltz-time is a composition of the author and song-writer Anne Infante; Living in Brisbane, Australia, she had been born in Sydney and then raised in Papua New Guinea. She has some eight recordings out and has a lovely voice/presentation.  Cliff handed me her “Seasons” CD back in 2009 or so and asked me to transcribe the lyrics and chords for this song that he might perform it.  He changed part of the 2d verse to give it the perspective of a man rather than the original woman’s view, and he has sung this but rarely.  I, myself, have only recently begun to perform it on my own.

Jos. Morneault

.    D              G                 D                        A                D
1) All of the people are sailing; going away on the sea.

.               G                                       D               A                     D              A
From my window I see the ships leaving ;   pulling away from the quay.

. G                                               D        G                                  A
Strangers and friends on the jetty; under the dockyard lights.

.  D                     A                  D                                           A                             D        A
Some of them smiling and some of them crying and hiding their tears in the night.


.               G                                   A                  D                G          A
And the ships go down past my door   And I wish I was sailing away

.                    G                              A                         G               A             D
 From the long, cold Liverpool nights    And the long, cold Liverpool days.


2)  I once had a friend in Australia; she said she would wait there for me.

But she wrote in a letter she’d found someone better and that was the way it must be.

And the dark water tugged at the quayside,  reflecting the dockyard lights

As I turned from the ships and I walked back again to the long, cold Liverpool nights

And the ships…


3)  I have read about beautiful countries   where the sunshine is bright all the day.

Where brown-skinned people will greet you with smiles and December comes in like the May.

And I know that one day I will go  on a ship that will take me away

From the long, cold Liverpool nights  and the long, cold Liverpool days.

And the ships…


4) [repeat first verse and chorus]

Very soon…

Well, with Covid vaccinations coming ’round and states around us opening up, it’s just a matter of time before we’re back, too.  We don’t want to push it, as none of us want to catch it or draw a packed crowd into the tap room too soon… But do stay in touch!  Which means we gotta practice!!

Merry Christmas

This has been a tough year for all of us.  We’ve lost ones we love, all our gigs shut down, and while ZOOM can help with seeing people, there’s no current replacement for being together and singing our hearts out.  Please may this coming year show more light, more happiness, and a return to a greater degree of normalcy.  Our love to all of you, and as good a holiday as can be had!


Our heartfelt thoughts for our captain and founder at the loss of his wife Sandy.  Terrible thing to happen anytime but especially sad just as we enter into the holidays. Cliff is bearing up, and he has family and he has friends who are gathering around him to help with whatever our man needs.

Photo by Gene Cartagena


Well, none of us really expected anything like what we all are experiencing at this time.  It is unprecedented in our lifetime.  With good precaution in mind, all bars and restaurants are shut down and any gathering of more than 10 people is strongly cautioned against… We in the music industry have lost our livelihood along with those in the service field.  But as bleak as it might seem right now, we know that there will be an end to it and we’ll be able to celebrate together when the cloud lifts!  Please, please listen to the advice of medical and scientific experts and stay safe & healthy.  Come look at our videos if you’d like a fix!  Reach out here or on Facebook if you should feel inclined and we’ll get back!  And we’re eager to sing with you again!