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Thank you and Pirates

Last night’s sound board meltdown was dealt with as best we could and we thank you for your patience!  Glad that we had invested in powered speakers; plugging directly into them worked in the pinch!  In the end, we had a good evening!

Don’t forget that Monday the 16th will be “Pirate Night”.  A pre-cursor to Halloween, come dressed as a pirate, bar wench, whatever you think relevant!

Hawaiian Shirt Night

Monday the 19th will be our annual Hawaiian Shirt Night!  SO many reasons but mostly that it’s usually hot and who doesn’t love exotic drinks and girls in grass skirts!  Break out your favourite Hawaiian shirt, Bermuda shorts, grass skirt, grab a lei and come on down for drinks and song!  Pass the word; come and get leid!


This photo has hung on the wall near the piano for as long as I remember performing with Cliff at the Griswold Inn.  Last night David Littlefield told me about her… Called Margie, her name was Margorie and she had served in the US Navy ’round about WW1 and for a little time afterwards.  She used to be a regular at the Gris when David began coming down in about 1979 and “Margie was then in her 80’s”.  She was known for being the life of the party, flamboyantly dancing during some of Cliff’s songs, and would sometimes pull out the piano to play a pop song or two from her youth.  If you know more about her, please contact me with the information and I’ll add to this remembrance!

Survivor’s Night

The second weekend in June is always the Sea Music festival in Mystic, CT.  The Monday after – in this case, the 10th – we host an evening called traditionally “Survivor’s Night”… That is to say, those who can crawl to Essex after such a busy weekend.  Instead of the tap room, we’ll perform the whole of the evening in the back room, or “Covered Bridge” room.  If you want a seat, call for dinner – 860.767.1776

It an evening of great music by talented musicians who are not used to the high volume chatter of our regular Monday nights.  Please. come to listen and sing along, but if you wish to chatter through the performances, hang out in the tap room where there will be an additional speaker to pipe in music.