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Avoiding Your Local Portholes

Easter Sunday – morning news yielded this report –> Man Gets Stuck in Porthole at Bar in Essex. Lesson to be learned… Evacuated via properly labeled exits to protect your girth…

Aside from our regular Monday appearances, you have two more opportunities to come sing with us in the coming month.

  • 9 May – Friday.  From 8:30 – 10:30, Rick Spencer and Joseph Morneault as LongSplice will be providing some historical colour in the tap room; mostly ballads and performed songs instead of the chanteys and call-and-response songs you’re familiar with on Mondays.
  • 10 May – Saturday (the very next night).  The Jovial Crew will give a command performance from 8p – 11p in our usual taproom.  We really encourage you to come join us… and if you have any historical garb a-la- RevWar through War of 1812, please feel encouraged to put it on for the evening!  We’re to host a bunch of reenactors and give them a serious taste of our Monday night flavour!  Pass the word!

Patriotic Sailor

le printemps est arrivé!

I know the other guys will bust my chops for my latin above, mais ils peuvent bec mon chou!

FInally spring has arrived!  But not without effort, considering yesterday’s rain/sleet/snow storm!  But next Monday the 7th is an auspicious occasion – Cliff will be back with us after two weeks of holiday and it is also the actual 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 (in this case, 1814) raid on Pettipaug (Essex) by British sailors and Marines who then burned the ship in the cove to the waterline and very briefly occupied the town – Jerry Roberts should be joining us to sing his song composed about that event, and I think it a good and momentous occasion to gather and celebrate our local historical colour!  One might go so far as to regard this as our 4th of July!

And don’t forget to look in on the events for the 1814 Commemoration!