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The website crashed sometime in the early hours of 28 August and it took some time to figure that even the back door was blocked.  It seems to have been related to Google Analytics which always worked just fine until now.  But as you see we’re back up and running!


So Cliff is home and healing up although our man is still in a great deal of pain.  He thanks everyone for all of their good wishes and plans to stop in and say hello whenever he can – it may be some time, though.

Rick will have returned from his trip down the E-RI-E Canal and will rejoin us this next Monday the 25th.

And our thanks to everyone who came down last night and made it so much fun!  How we do LOVE people who sing along on the choruses with conviction!!

Tim, Jos… and Rodney!

Here’s Brown!  Rick being away servicing another obligation, our good friend Rodney Brown will join us for Monday the 18th!  He’ll bring his own bag of songs… Pirates, whales, and walking a long way for a girl!

Studious Rodney

Another Band Birthday

I understand that this coming Wednesday will be Tim’s birthday – you know the drill!  Looking forward to seeing you down there on Monday!

Photo by Gene Cartagena

Photo by Gene Cartagena

Cliff Sabbatical

So Cliff will be going in for some out-patient surgery later this week and will be unable to sing for several weeks while his gut heals up… No date of return just yet but we expect by the end of September.  Meanwhile, you’ll still have Tim, Rick, and Joseph and perhaps the occasional guest.  There are other plans in the works for upcoming Mondays and other things so check with our schedule periodically…

A couple of songs recently added to our list…


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