Monthly Archives: September 2015

Hurricane Watch!

Well, here we go again!  We are all keeping an eye on Hurricane Joaquin  – It seems that various computer models have it going wildly everywhere but there’s that one which has the storm over us ON MONDAY!  Pay close attention to the weather reports as they update and we’ll let you know on our end what the plans are.  If we stay to form, at least one of us will make it to the tap room and entertain the house guests and those who brave it… But don’t you be a hero and go out in such storms unless you’re already in the area.  Or maybe Sun-Tues might be a good time to get a room AT the Gris!  Our own hurricane party!

In any event, stay tuned…

Pirate Monday

Although we were going to not bother with Pirate Monday this year – other things being juggled – We have given in to the pressure from you and on Monday the 21st, we will observe our Pirate Monday!!  (cue cat calls, applause, cheers… Aaaannnnd that guy puking in the corner…)

Come attired in your piratical best or as a bar wench or anything you think is relevant!  But DO bring those singing voices!

‘Cause HO is disrespectful, yo!

Filming for a documentary

Starting tomorrow night (Monday the 14th), Patrick Wiley will be filming and interviewing us and all of you regarding sea music in Essex and specifically the Griswold Inn.  In order to not make things TOO hectic we’re foregoing the annual Pirate Monday (the following Monday) as we understand this filming and such will be taking place over the next several weeks.

If you do NOT wish to be captured on filme – by the wife who thinks you’re at CVS picking up a few things – you may wish to avoid these next few Monday nights.  We are not yet aware of a particular schedule but check in every now and then.

To read more about it you might wish to check in on A Fractured Atlas where you can donate to the cause… And you would be doing us a GREAT service to remind Patrick that the spelling is Chantey and NOT Shanty, the latter being an insubstantial shack and a word misused by some English purists to deflect the source of the word from its French origins – really.


On the Air

So last night – 3 Sept. 2015 – we appeared on iCRVradio in Chester, CT… an internet radio show.  We had a tremendous time and the response from our fan base was very good!  They don’t normally release podcasts but we reached an agreement that they would provide the broadcast to me for archival purposes and we will not put it up on the site for the next several weeks while they rebroadcast the event from time to time in that timeframe.  Meanwhile, come see the photos of the event and don’t be shy about asking them to have us back.


NOTE – The show is being rebroadcast tonight – Saturday, 5 Sept – at 7p.  Come to iCRVradio to catch it!