Monthly Archives: October 2015

Sailing into New Haven

Halloween being past, we’re preparing for our return to the Gryphon Pub at GPSCY, Yale Campus, New Haven.  Saturday 7 Nov, 9 – midnight!  While their regulars have gotten largely used to us, there will be new people, too… You can come on down and show them the ropes!


Haunted and Old Songs

Haunted Pub Sign

Monday – 26 of October – will be our Jovial Crew Halloween night!  Always the best way to raise your spirits!!  It would be horrible should you attend without proper attire so come your ghoulish best!  SPREAD THE WORD!!!


A “normal” night…

Cliff is back and it’ll be the observing of Rick’s birthday!  The nights are noticeably colder and so coming inside with us for music, drink, camaraderie… What better way to spend Monday night?  Next Monday will be our Halloween observance so this is your heads-up… Or heads-off, if you like.  Patrick will likely be filming that night so dress yer best!

Called Off

No worries, I guess!  It seems that the hurricane has decided to take an Atlantic cruise and all we are getting is the wind/rain/cooler temps of autumn.  So Monday will be a GREAT reason to come down to the Gris where it’s warm and dry with good company and great beer!  Oh, yeah – stellar singing and music!

Pub Sing - Univ. of Buffalo Alma Mater.

Pub Sing – Univ. of Buffalo Alma Mater.