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Flashback Christmas

Oh Griswold Tree, Oh Griswold TreeGriswold Tree
Upon the coal stove eternally.
Oh Griswold Tree, Oh Griswold Tree
A relic from antiquity
For Christmastide and St-Patrick’s spray
For Mother’s and for Groundhog Day
Oh Griswold Tree, Oh Griswold Tree
In every tap room photo be!

(Jos. Morneault – Noel 1997)




Sing We Noel!!!

The Yuletide season upon us, it is important to remind you that every Monday this month we start about a half hour later to accommodate the wonderfully talented wandering carolers during the dinner hours.  And while we typically do not offer much by way of Christmas songs, we know that you enjoy adding your voices to the chorus of our myriad sea chanteys and forebitters!!  From Cliff, Tim, Rick, and Joseph – We usually say merry Christmas but whatever your holiday is for the season may it be safe, joyous, and your heart filled with song – most especially along with us!  And watch out for that mistletoe!

Christmas Kiss 001