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Every Monday night at the Griswold Inn at 36 Main Street, Essex, CT, USA.  We start a little after 8p and go until 11+p… Sometimes we fudge the specific times, pending crowd, weather, &c.  It almost always fills in quickly so if you’ve a mind to sit you might wish to consider getting there early and ordering something from the pub menu.  And bring your singing voice and a sense of humour, for anything less simply will not do!

Monday night at the Griswold Inn, Essex.

Monday night at the Griswold Inn, Essex.
Photo by Gene Cartagena.




– March –

27th – Monday @ the Gris.  Cliff will be on holiday.

29th – Wednesday ~ 7:00 pm  The East Lyme Public Library presents the debut performance of Dawn Indermuehle’s program of “Songs of the Women’s Suffrage Movement” at 39 Society Road in Niantic, CT.


– April –

3d – Monday @ the Gris.  Still no Cliff.

5th – Wed.  Rick is playing the Andover Public Library presenting “Songs of the Second World War” at 355 route 6 in Andover, CT.

9th – Sun. 2:00 pm – The Milford Public Library presents Rick and Dawn for “Songs of Ireland and Irish-America” at 57 New Haven Avenue in Milford, CT.

10th – Monday @ the Gris.  Cliff is back!

12th –  Wednesday ~ 7:00 pm  The Russell Library presents Rick and “Over There: The World War I Diaries of Dr. Jessie Weston Fisher” at 123 Broad Street in Middletown, CT.

17th – Monday @ the Gris

24th – Monday @ the Gris

21st – Friday ~ Essex, CT 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm  The Connecticut River Museum presents “Tavern Night at the Lay House.” Dawn and Rick will present songs from their program “The Grain, the Grape and the Hop: Drinking Songs Old and Recent” following dinner.  Chris Dobbs (CT River
Museum director) will be joining in for several songs. There are two seatings for dinner. Reservations are required. For more information please visit here, or phone 860.767.8269.

29th – Sat.  We’re playing a repeat performance at the annual “Burning of the Socks” at the Essex Yacht Club.


– May – 

1st – Monday @ the Gris

7th – Sunday – 4:30 pm  The Lebanon Historical Society presents Rick and “To End All Wars: Songs of the First World War” at 856 Trumbull Avenue in Lebanon, CT.

8th – Monday @ the Gris

13th – Sat.  We’re back at our western home! – The Gryphon Pub at GPSCY!

15th – Monday @ the Gris

18th – Thursday ~  7:30 pm  The Brooklyn Historical Society presents Rick and “To End All Wars: Songs of the First World War” at the Trinity Episcopal Church Parish Hall, 7 Providence Road (Route 6) in Brooklyn, CT.

22d – Monday @ the Gris

29th – Monday @ the Gris


– June – 

5th – Monday @ the Gris

12th – Monday @ the Gris

19th – Monday @ the Gris

26th – Monday @ the Gris

30th – Friday ~ Hartford, CT Noon (Rain Date is Tuesday July 11) The Old State House has once again asked the group Locomotive Shipwreck (Dawn Indermuehle, Tim Marth, Duke York and Rick Spencer) to do a concert for their Friday Farmer’s Market Concert Series. The Old State House is at 800 Main Street in Hartford, CT.  Please note that in the event of rain this event will take place on Tuesday, July 11.



Nov. 2012. Taken by Gene Cartagena.

Nov. 2012. Taken by Gene Cartagena.




Joe Hahn says:


I do not know if this is the most appropriate place to post this, but I did not see a “contact us” page. I am currently taking a course in world musics and I have been asked to observe a performance and or rehearsal of a group not part of the “classical” genre of music as part of a ethnomusicology based fieldwork project. After reading about The Jovial Crew and seeing some videos on youtube, seeing that you are huge proponents of English folk music, I think that doing this assignment around your group would be both educational and downright fun! I know you guys play every Monday at the Griswold Inn, would it be possible to have a couple minutes of your time afterwards or at another time to speak with you guys about your music in addition to seeing a performance?

6 thoughts on “Our Schedule

  1. Bob

    I belong to an acoustic guitar jam band and the marina we’re staying at in New Jersey is putting on a Sea Shanty night in July, all thanks to you and our friends who have visisted the Gris, it’s a great thing.

    I’m looking to find Sea Shanty Songs that have chords so we can play along.

    Do yo know where I can find any, especially some of the songs you sing?

    My wife and I saw you last August with the gents from Switzerland I believe. Great show.

    Thank you for any help you can give me.


    1. JosMorn Post author

      Hello Bob,

      Thank you for coming to see us and I’m glad you enjoyed the show. I have been adding songs that we sing to the website as time permits and in some cases including the chords. I’ll be quite happy to provide the chords to any of the songs you wish to perform; sea chanteys, ballads, forebitters, dittys, &c. If you wish to research for things not on our website, you might look at our suggested books to read section for ideas of sources. However, I am still quite happy to help in any way I am able.

      If you’re around on Monday the 16th, it is our “Survivor’s Night”. Perhaps you might wish to get up and sing a song or two?


  2. Mya Llure

    Hello Jovial Crew. Saw your Band on CT Now, wherein you play The Griswold Inn on Monday Nights. I am a professional fiddleplayer at Watershops Recording Studio, Springfield, MA, but live in West Hartford. Being a Sailing enthusiast, I have been interested in trekking down to The Gris for Happy Hour, but since seeing and hearing you wonderful musicians, I was wondering if you would allow me to accompany your group, pro bono, one Monday Night. As a studio musician, that is my forte. Please check me out on Youtube. Search “Mya Llure” in quotes… Let me know if you would enjoy having me join you in your last set at: 1fiddleplayer@att,net. It would be fun! I like having fun! – Mya

    1. JosMorn Post author

      Mya, I don’t see any reason why not… We do have guests from time to time. The best plan would be to come down and enjoy the evening, seeing if you feel comfortable with the scene, for it can be loud and difficult sometimes!



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