The Bonny Bay of Biscay-O

Of all the harbors, east or west,
There is one port that I love best;
So whichever way the wind doth blow
I’ll steer for the bonny Bay of Biscay-O.

cho: For the girl I love is waiting there
With her eyes of blue and her golden hair,
So I eastward hi, and westward ho
But return to the bonny Bay of Biscay-O!

At night in my hammock I will sleep
As I sail upon the briny deep,
Though the tempests rage and the wild winds blow
I’ll dream of the bonny Bay of Biscay-O.

In one more year, I will settle down
With my bride in this free seaport town,
She is sweeter and dearer by far, I know
Than the wind of the bonny Bay of Biscay-O.

(Collected by Frank Warner from Mrs. Lena Bourne Fish;
recorded by Warner on Hudson Valley Folk Songs, DISC Records,
late 1940’s)


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