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I thought it might be a good idea to place this page up to support some of our friends and their upcoming events.  Pass the word!
Interrupting Meetings

*** Thanks to Greg McGuire, to Bob Stepno, and to Donna Goodspeed for their encouragement, advice, and input! ***


–>  Every Monday you can see our lovely and dedicated promoter, photographer, equipment assistant, and sales rep Dawn Indermuehle.  Fans can purchase our recordings at her table and inquire after our latest information while signing up for our mailing list and picking up our fliers and whatever other tidbits might be found.  We heartily encourage you to come up and say hello!


Monday nights at the Gris
won’t do you any harm.
The Jovial Crew entertains,
with Sea Chantey charm.


singing pirates



We’ve found ourselves on yet another travel site… Imagine The Jovial Crew as a tourist destination!
Travel guide pic



Jerry Roberts, a historian with explosive new information about the 1814 British raid on Pettipaug (now Essex) Connecticut, has been working hard with local committees for a string of events along the lower shoreline of the Connecticut River in order to commemorate this 200th anniversary. His book about the event is out now!


13 - 1

        • Ben Parker is a devoted follower of ours and the originator of the Facebook Sea Chantey Regulars.  He is also a master origami craftsman, displaying his process ergo talent on the occasional Monday night.
1 June 2015 - photo by Parag Joshi

1 June 2015 – photo by Parag Joshi


      • Dan Pardo, has retired from his duties at the Goodspeed, got hitched, and has a new gig in NYC.  You can visit him on his website and as time permits he may come back on up to visit!
      •      DanPattaconk


  • Bill Nolte is a friend and fan from way back, a tour de force upon the stage, and occasionally can be seen up the Goodspeed stage. Keep your eye out for his next local performance!

Bill Nolte


  • Hannah Roemhild  is a marvelous soprano and a local performer who is often to be seen at the Gris on Mondays.


Didn’t know where else was appropriate to put these, so here’s a couple of videos from Janet’s house concert in which Danny Spooner performs and I (Joseph) accompany him.

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  1. Tops'l Bill Lyman

    We will be having our 6 shanty sing aboard the schooner ” Flying Dragon” on June 25 ’16 at the dock in front of Schooner Warf Bar. Anyone interested is welcome to come along and sing.


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