Not off to a great start

With the rates of Covid in Connecticut, people have begun to get really nervous about singing in a bar.  Then two of us fell ill, another staying away pending some outpatient surgery… We won’t be there tonight – 3 January – but we’ll see what next week brings.

Back on!

With hurricane Henri having largely passed us by, although some local damage and flooding has occurred, it appears that our regularly scheduled show will go on!  Hope to see you Monday night and be careful on the roads as things are being cleared away!

Storm Watch

Sunday the 22d we’re fairly certain of Hurricane Henri.  How this will affect Monday night remains to be seen.  Please do call ahead before making the trip, just in case something or other should prevent our regular Monday night from happening.

Griswold Inn – 860.767.1776

5th of July

On Monday the 5th there is an expectation of a larger than normal crowd.  So, the Gris has decided to move us into the back room, or “Covered Bridge Room”.  If you plan to have something to eat, you’ll want to make a reservation (860.767.1776).  Otherwise, the tap room will have our performance piped into it, and should you come into the back room, the usual rules apply: Be there FOR the music, not to talk over it, don’t get in the way of the wait staff, try not to hover over dinner guests, don’t take a chair until it is clear that it has been given up (dinner guest has left), &c, &c.