One of the joys in life is to sit in a fine pub, throw your head back, and sing your cares away – at least until tomorrow.  Chanteys are sung as a call-and-response style that you can learn in the moment, and other songs we present either provide wonderful choruses or tell a tale or story for your enjoyment.  When we perform, it really is not a spectator sport but rather a participation event; don’t be shy, and the more you sing from deep within, throwing in your voice with the melody or spontaneous harmonies, the more you’ll get out of an evening with us!  While you really don’t need to have song lyrics in hand to sing along, I know that some people feel more comfortable at least perusing them from time to time.

PLEASE NOTE: We take pains to keep to the style and tradition of this early music with instruments and presentation – not turn it into rock n’ roll like so many imitations do in order to “bring it into the modern age”; a definite miss on the integrity and point of this music.  However we also get that we need to present appropriately to the venue we’re in; while we each perform in a more “coffee-house” and “house concert” setting from time to time which allows for more story-telling of the music and less noise to sing over, when we’re in a pub or tavern we perform just like any pub or tavern in history would have us.

Here I’ll provide lyrics and background information on the various songs we sing. So if you have a specific song you might like to see addressed, let me know here.  If you have a need for the chords or melody, let me know that as well and I’ll send it separately… Each of us might perform each song differently and in a different key when we lead it, so I often don’t bother to post one set of chords over another.







2 thoughts on “Songs”

4 thoughts on “Songs

  1. Whit Gardiner

    Do you guys ever do the song “Rio Grand”? How about “All For Me Grog”? Another one, I think it’s called “Heave Away My Jollies”?

  2. JosMorn Post author

    Good morning Donna. That song isn’t part of our repertoire so I’ll probably not post it as its own page. However, Jerry’s lyrics are available via Mudcat, and of course you can always request them of Rodney!


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