Fare Thee Well, Enniskillen

A rousing, room-filling, full-throated song consisting of a traditional tune with the song lyrics by Tommy Makem.

UNITED KINGDOM – JANUARY 01: Photo of Tommy MAKEM and CLANCY BROTHERS; The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem preparing for a folk concert at the Edinburgh Festival – L-R Pat, Tommy Makem, Tom, and Liam (Photo by Brian Shuel/Redferns)

.       D                            G                   A                    D
Our troop was made ready at the dawn of the day
.         Bm                 A                         G               A      D
From lovely Enniskillen they were marching us away
.        Bm                      A                          G              A         D
They put us then on board a ship to cross the raging main
.    D                               G                    A                       D
To fight some bloody battle in the sunny land of Spain

A                D               G                          A                D
Fare thee well Enniskillen, fare thee well for a while
.      Bm                      A                 G  A                 D
And all around the borders of Er-in´s green isle
.       Bm                        A                     G      A         D
And when the war is over we´ll return in full bloom
.                   D                    G                            A               D
And you´ll all welcome home your Enniskillen Dragoons

Oh, Spain it is a gallant land where wine and ale flow free
There´s lots of lovely women there to dandle on your knee
And often in a tavern there we´d make the rafters ring
When every soldier in the house would raise his glass and sing

Well we fought for Ireland’s glory there and many a man did fall
From musket and from bayonet and from thundering cannon ball
And many a foeman we laid low amid the battle throng
And as we prepared for action you would often sing this song

Well now the war is over and for home we have set sail
Our flag above this lofty ship is fluttering in the gale
They’ve given us a pension boys of four pence each a day
And when we reach Enniskillen never more we´ll have to say