One More Day

This is an actual chantey (ie: work song) that was used at the pumps or windlass.  It would be chosen a day or two before the ship made home port when the men expected to be paid off.  Hugill writes that it was more popular with Yankee crews than with British ones.  Hugill goes on the say that other collectors would apply the use of the song to different jobs: Terry and Sharp call it a capstan chantey, Bullen and Whall claim it was for the halyards… &c.  There is some evidence of it having been used by rivermen, taking the perspective of a sweetheart, and it is this version that Tim most often sings, thus:

Jos. Morneault


Row me to my lover,
Tell him I won’t delay,
We’ll soon be in the clover,
One more day

Only one more day me Johnny
One more day,
Oh rock and row me over,
One more day!

My Johnny he’s a rover,
He says he’ll sail away,
He wants to leave the river,
One more day.


But stay, my John, and tarry
For just another day;
It’s you I want to marry,
One more day.



The sea going, happy-to-be-almost-home work-song version is below:

Oh, have you heard the news, me Johnny
One more day!
We’re homeward bound tomorrow
One more day!

Only one more day, me Johnny
One more day!
Oh, rock and roll me over
One more day!

Don’t you hear the old man growlin’
One more day!
Don’t you hear the mate a howlin’
One more day!


Don’t you hear the caps’n pawlin’
Don’t you hear the pilot bawlin’

Only one more day a-howlin’
Can’t you hear the gals a-callin’

Only one more day a-rollin’
Can’t you hear the gulls a-callin’

Only one more day a-furlin’
Only one more day a-cursin’

Oh, heave and sight the anchor, Johnny
For we’re close aboard the port, Johnny

Only one more day for Johnny
And your pay-day’s nearly due, Johnny

Then put out your long-tail blue, Johnny
Make your port and take your pay, Johnny

Only one more day a-pumpin’, Johnny
Only one more day a-bracin’

Oh, we’re homeward bound today, Johnny
We’ll leave her without sorrow, Johnny

Pack your bags today me Johnny
Oh, an’ leave her where she lies, Johnny

Only one more day a-workin’, Johnny
Oh, come rock ‘n’ roll me over

No more gales or heavy weather
Only one more day together


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