Abel Snow

This is an original I wrote; I had the idea of writing something for the men who would build Anchors. It’s a “trade song” in which they would brag about the work they do and boast about their craftsmanship (Similar to “Work of the Weavers”). After penning the verses to the tune of “The April Song” I found the perfect title, Abel Snow.  Abel Snow was a man who had a small forge and made anchors in Chester, Connecticut.  He did this for a good chunk of the early 19th Century when shipbuilding was at its height there. His shop would be on the same stretch of the property where the Chester Historical Society has its museum. Though the song does not have any direct references to him or Chester I felt it was fitting to name it after a man of the trade.

Michael Hotkowski


First verse/Chorus:
I’m the man who builds the anchor
The tough and sturdy anchor
That oak and iron anchor
That keeps your ship in place
A good and trusty anchor
The sailors’ favorite anchor
No one makes finer anchors
In all the human race

When you build a ship for sailing
Be it packet trade or whaling
You don’t want that ship a-failing
When she’s rolling on the sea
Before you find a captain
You hire a careful draftsmen
He’ll get you well-trained craftsmen
The greatest one is me


If your heart is full of rancor,
And it’s comfort that you hanker,
Just drop that trusty anchor,
And row on to the shore.
You’ll find a girl that’s pretty,
And if you’re a little witty,
Should let you see her kitty,
And maybe do some more.


When the morning birds are bringing
The new day with their singing
You’ll hear my hammer ringing
To make the iron-strong
But I get the greatest pleasure
When the anchor’s put together
She will last forever
I swear it with this song


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