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  1. Andy Jackson

    Anybody got time for a quick interview? I’m freelancing a chantey piece (hopefully for Marlinspike Magazine) about the Chantey/Forebitter business. I’ve got Geoff Kaufman for the Seaport angle, Ava Stasiw (Schooners Roseway, Clearwater) for the on board chanteys, and you guys for the pub chanteys. If I just e-mail some questions, somebody could offhandedly reply and we’d be set. I got a good shot of you all at the Gris last monday but I bet you have better pictures.
    Anyway, fair winds
    Andy Jackson

    1. JosMorn Post author

      Yes, Andy, I’ll be happy to answer your questions. You can send them to JosMorn@aol.com. All I ask in return would be a copy of your article when published so that we might include it on our website.


  2. Harry Angus

    I’m writing The Encyclopedia Of Jerry Garcia Music Venues. I’m interested in locating a photo of The Exit, New Haven, CT as it looked in the early 1960’s. I’d need the photo to be at least 1mb or larger. Garcia performed there in June 1964.

    Thank you

    1. JosMorn Post author

      Hello Harry.

      None of us but Jim played at The Exit (sure a couple of us had stopped in) so none of us appear to have a photo, alas. You might want to contact http://newhavenmuseum.org/ which is the New Haven Historical Society. IF they do not have a photo, ask them who might among the various restaurants and such in the city… Many’s the time such a photo is owned by a restaurateur but not the local hist. soc. I wonder if Yale had a photography project during that time which might yield some gems?

      Best of luck!



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