My Lady From Bendigo

A song written by Eric Bogle, it is a beloved love song in the genre.  Cliff is well-known for this love song, although he doesn’t perform it as often as he once did; Joseph is also known for having presented this song in a rare moment or two.  Eric is cited as having uttered that it is not exactly his favourite song and will sometimes cringe when requested to perform it, but most folk music lovers consider it a rare gem indeed!  One for a quite evening rather than the raucous atmosphere of the bar in most cases!

Jos. Morneault



The days of my life I’ve been quite self-contained.
I don’t feel much joy, but then I don’t feel much pain;
There’s nothing as safe as a cold selfish heart;
But now my defenses have been blasted apart,
By the sweet core of life that does glow
In my lady from Bendigo

.     Speak to me, talk to me, tell me you love me.
.     Give my life purpose; show me the way.
.     Reach for me, touch me; give me your body,
.     And as for tomorrow, we’ll live it today.
.     Will you come when I call; will you go?
.     My lady from Bendigo

This is your love song, and I wrote it for you;
The words may sound simple, but you know they are true.
When I wrote them I meant them, and I mean them still
You know that I love you and I always will.
And if you love me let it show
My lady from Bendigo

And if ever my lovin’ should cause you some pain,
Just think of this love song and listen again.
Remember the passion, think of the man;
Remember the heart that you held in your hand.
Your eyes say what I need to know,
My lady from Bendigo.