Partial Band Reunion – 9 Dec. 2013

Our original mandolin player Bob Stepno came up for a few days, joining us while in town, and Thomas WoLF (bass) also rounded out our line for this evening – Alas! Tim and Paul are still enjoying the relatively warmer clime of Florida, so it isn’t the whole of us.  You see us warm up our voices with the wandering Christmas carolers and then onto the show!  All photos taken by Gene Cartagena!


3 thoughts on “Partial Band Reunion – 9 Dec. 2013

  1. Bob Stepno

    Terrific shots capturing the spirit of Cliff Night at the Gris! Thanks for getting my good side. (fifth shot from last, with mandolin) ;-)

  2. bob stepno

    What a great time! Thanks to Joseph & Cliff for the standing invitation to stop in, and to Joseph for overnight accommodations and breakfast! The pictures are great… even if they have created quite a debate around my house.

    Feel free to join in:
    1. Hair plugs?
    2. Shave the head?
    3. Just get a grown-up haircut, dammit…
    4. Keep the hat on.

    Next time instead of attempting “Riding that New River Train” in the wrong key, I’ll sing my nominee for AARP theme song, “Hallelujah I’m a Bum”
    (It goes so well with the banjo uke!):

    For those who asked, my uke is a Firefly by in Sheffield, Mass., but purchased from my Virginia neighbor,

    Merry Christmas (or seasonal festivity of your choice) and the happiest of new years…



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