The Ferryman (The Liffey Ferry)

A ballad by Peter St. John that Tim has made rather popular within our circles.



All the little boats are gone,
From the breast of Anna Liffey,
The ferrymen are stranded on the quay,
Sure the Dublin docks are dying,
And a way of life was gone,
And Molly it was a part of you and me.

Where the strawberry beds,
Sweep down to the Liffey,
You kiss away the worries from my brow,
I love you well today,
And I’ll love you more tomorrow,
If you ever loved me Molly love me now

‘Twas the only job I knew,
It was hard but never lonely,
The Liffey Ferry made a man of me,
But it’s gone without a whisper
Half forgotten even now,
Oh it’s over Molly over can’t you see


But now I’ll tend the yard,
And I’ll spend me days a talking
I hear them whisper Charlie’s on the dole
But Molly we’re still livin’
and darling we’re still young,
That river never owned my heart and soul.

Chorus 2x:

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