Sail Away Ladies

This song was brought into our repertoire by Rick and has fast become a rockin’ favourite.  He often varies the verses according to whim.


Hush little darlin’ don’t you cry, sail away ladies, sail away
You’ll be an angel when you die, sail away ladies, sail away
Don’t you rock ’em daddy-oh (x3)  sail away ladies, sail away

Julianne I love your daughter
I love your farm across the water

Julianne hey what’s the matter?
Pretty young girl but I can’t get at her.

I bought her gowns I bought her laces
I took her out to fancy places

She wouldn’t have a tarry sailor
I shipped aboard a New London whaler

Now my troubles are all over
Julie married a yankee soldier

[and sometimes]
Whenever I get my new house done
I’ll give my old one to my son.



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