Danny Quinn

Danny - from his website

Danny – from his website

Danny Quinn was a very good friend to us, frequently popping in on a Monday for some wine and graciously going along with us pulling him up for a few songs. The first time he sang “The Wild Rover” and experienced that Monday night tradition, I recall how stunned he was and that memory came up for months in conversation. He had begun to be a part of the Sea Music Festival in Mystic and a dynamic part of our annual “Survivor’s Night”.

Danny Quinn, Joseph Morneault, Dan Pardo, and Rodney Brown - May 2013

Danny Quinn, Joseph Morneault, Dan Pardo, and Rodney Brown – May 2013

 Danny’s Page with his life reflected upon

Danny had been a very popular performer of Irish & American folk music for nearly three decades. He made fast friends everywhere he went, possessing that quality to make you feel you were important and relevant to him. Danny performed all over the U.S., Canada, Ireland and England at large and humble venues; “since 1979 he has shared the stage with or opened for renowned artists such as the Clancy Brothers, Tom Chapin, Peter Yarrow, Robbie O’Connell, the Makem & Spain Brothers, John Prine, David Mallett, Walt Michael, Eilleen Ivers, The Chieftains and many others. For over twenty years Danny toured nationally with the legendary Tommy Makem.” I might add that he also shared the stage with we local musicians such as Cliff Haslam, Tim Marth, Rick Spencer, Rodney Brown, Geoff Kaufman, David Littlefield, Deirdre Murtha, Craig Edwards, and Joseph Morneault.  He was a bundle of energy, his generous sense of humour equally a part of his interaction with us along with his music – Here is a snippet of his part of our “Survivor’s Night” of 2013.


Danny’s performance at the benefit for the Connecticut River Museum 15 Jan. 2013

At the same 2013 “Survivor’s Night”, Danny sang his own composition “She’s Still In Paris”, which tugs at your heart even with the humour leading into it.


Danny passed quietly on 30 Oct 2014 but he will live on in our hearts and his music.  His recordings will continue to be available and we heartily encourage you to add them to your collection!

Danny’s gone, but never forgotten,
a kind soul in so many ways.
A love of life, illustrated by instrument and voice,
making every day a special day.
Traveled near and far,
many time across the Pond.
Doing what he loved best,
giving his all, and beyond.
Happy memories will forever be,
when sadness has cleared our minds.
Danny, a loving friend to all,
a gentle man of the finest kind.
Rest in peace dear Danny,
in your Home in Heaven above,
We look up and say thank you,
your music and you, forever loved.
Joe S Brown


Photos from the Danny Tribute gathering

1 Feb 2015

In Memory Of Danny

5 thoughts on “Danny Quinn

  1. Tom Cashman

    I just stumbled upon your website and your moving tribute to my old friend. Danny and I laughed our asses off from one end of this country to the other for nearly ten years, through The Mighty Quinn and Stoutheart. I don’t know where you got all the great pictures but I had to watch the video twice. My eyes were too full the first time through. Thank you and God bless Danny and his family.

  2. Donna G

    The few times I had the pleasure to hear him perform were truly amazing. We have all lost a kind, humble and gentle soul and yet he will live on in our hearts, music and the kindness we show each other every day. Tonight a glass of red wine will be raised in his honor. Thank you so much for putting up this page and allowing us all to share our thoughts.

  3. Karen

    Thank you for putting this up. I was very touched to hear him mention my name on a song I requested. It still feels surreal. I’ve been listening to his recordings (I own them all) all week. I could go on and on about all of his wonderful qualities, but I will just say this, my life is so much better for knowing him. I will miss you Danny,


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