Katie’s Song, or Monday Night

On a monday evening in November of 2016 we were to learn that a faithful regular Katie had been coming down for exactly one year.  In honour of this, Tim composed a ditty to the melody of “One More Day” and performed it that very evening.

“Take me to the Griswold Inn”,
I heard a young girl say;
“I want to hear the Jovial Crew
As they sing and play!”


Ch: On a Monday night, me Johnnies
Monday night!
I know The Jovial Crew will make me
Feel alright!


“Take me back again, me lads”,
I heard that lassie say;
“I’m starting now to learn the words
Of songs they play!”




“I’ll take you to the Gris, me lads”,
From that lassie we did hear;
Our Katie’s been a regular
For one whole year!