Doodle Let Me Go

A capstan chantey in origin, but we sing it as a forebitter, rearranging the verses and presenting it more for a pub audience. A “Yellow Girl” is an odd slang sometimes referring to an Asian girl, a mulatto girl or, in the case below, a mixed race girl of Spanish and local native blood. Callao is an old port city (1537 founding date) of mid-coast Peru, within shouting distance of Lima.

Oh, once I met a lovely girl way down in Callao
Hurrah, me yeller girls, doodle let me go!
In a bawdyhouse called Madam Gashee’s, a place ye all should go.
Hurrah, me yeller girls, doodle let me go!

Chorus: /: Doodle let me go, me girls, doodle let me go
 Hurrah, me yeller girls, doodle let me go! :/

She took me in she gave me gin, she danced me on the floor.
Well being just a sailor lad I stayed around for more!


She swung her hips, she tripped her feet, she winked her sassy eye.
She told me she’d a room upstair, a place where we could lie.


She chased me ‘round the sofa, boys, wasn’t it a show!
She grabbed me by the bobstay, and she wouldn’t let me go!


The crew is drunk, the mate is sunk, the Old Man’s got a load.
We’ll throw a line ‘round Madam Gashee’s and take them all in tow.




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