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Welcome 2014!!

2013 wasn’t exactly a banner year but 2014 holds a lot of promise!

January is typically the “quieter” month for us, but Rick has a busy schedule – he won’t be able to be with us on Monday the 13th, so we’ll be joined by our very talented friend Rodney Brown.  (Where’s Brown?!? HERE’s Brown!!)   He has a repertoire of songs you don’t often hear at the Gris and you really should come down and join us!


Our Christmas Monday

So while we don’t all celebrate the same holiday for the same reasons, we can all agree that it is a festive time of the year and an excellent way to honour this is to join us on Monday for a glass of cheer and to sing yer hearts out… Does a body good!  Some of us dress up for the occasion – some in renaissance attire, some in simply something nice.  Tim’ll be back for the 23rd and the 30th, and you’ll want to come see him while you can!  Don’t miss out!


Go Navy!

One of our fans off of the sub boat USS Mississippi is reenlisting in the Navy and he has chosen to take his oath while at the Gris with us!  Come on down and show the man and the service some love!  Bring other service men & women and those retired from the service to rejoice in this ceremony amidst our music of sea, shore, and pubs!  It’s December so we begin around 9. Spread the word!


Partial Band Reunion!

While Tim and Paul cannot join us so soon, (Tim will in a couple of weeks – see below), our original mandolin player Bob Stepno and bass player Thomas WoLF will be joining us for the show of Monday the 9th!  Something of a jam session… Things like this happen rarely, so you cannot miss it!

And don’t forget that we’ll raise a glass to Cliff’s birthday!

Come see photos from the event!


Bob and banjo-uke    Thomas-Wolf