Monthly Archives: March 2014

After St-Pat’s

It was a quieter holiday than last year and yet we all had a terrific time!  Our queen Cait did her duties to admiration, raising money for cancer research and the benefit 100 mile bike ride she’ll be participating in come the spring, and we warmly thank our guest musicians who stepped up to entertain us with their talents – Thomas WoLF, Dan Pardo, Brian Schiller, Terri Klein, Dave Lefkin… Now comes the bleary-eyed morning and a return to the work week… Cliff will be away on holiday for a couple of weeks but there’ll be three of us one week and then we’ll include a guest on the following Monday, so stay tuned. Come see photos from the two events here… If you have any photos to share, please contact me!  Thank you to all who came out either or both days and supported us!