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June Happenings

So this coming month will be a busy one for us and we hope that you’ll enjoy the time with us, too!  The second weekend of the month will be the annual Sea Music Festival in Mystic, and the Monday immediately afterwards (the 16th) is OUR annual “Survivor’s Night” in which musicians who are still around and kicking after days of activity in Mystic would make their way over to Essex and join us in the back room for an evening of sampling various songs and tunes by performers aside from us.  We have been encouraging local folk/acoustic acts to join us in the same vein, largely because coming to us on a Monday evening can be difficult for the tired acts in Mystic, and you will catch some of our actual followers getting up to shine!

Rick will be away on Monday the 9th, he performing at the New Canaan Historical Society for their annual meeting.  But he’ll be back for Survivor’s Night.  And then we’ve a performance up in Salem, Massachusetts for the Peabody Essex Museum’s British Pub Night on Thursday, the 19th.

We’ve a couple of private parties, too… As you know, we’re quite available for those!

This is also the start of the fife and drum muster season which usually brings over our family and friends from Europe who make it a point to stop in and join all of you in singing with us; so an opportunity to make new friends!

So, keep us on your calendar and spread the word!

Foreign Travel

The Jovial Crew will be performing at O’Rourke’s in Warwick, Rhode Island on Saturday, the 24th, from 2 to 5p.   For those of you who travel from the east to see us, here is a chance to catch us closer to your home!

Our Man Dan!

Tomorrow – the 12th of May – will be our Dan’s last day with us.  He is getting married to his very lovely Chrissy and will be relocating to NYC for another job, still in the music and stage line.  He has dazzled us with not only his musical prowess on the keyboard and the speed at which he has become such a performer on the anglo-style concertina, but that he has held onto his humble, one-of-the guys, pleased to just hang with ya approach that makes you want him to sit at your table as much as you cannot wait for his next performance!  While he may run on up once or twice if time permits, this is the passing of another era and you really should come down to celebrate this wonderful guy and our luck at having him around while we did!

Dan Pardo and Jos Morneault - concertinas in duet - 3 May 2014

Dan Pardo and Jos Morneault – concertinas in duet – 3 May 2014