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It’s Groundhog Day!

Groundhog-Playing-a-Saxophone--91969By the time you appear in town for the Gris, Essex Ed should be at his post at the town’s “silent policeman” and you’ll pass him as you make your way down to join us for another installment in our Sea Music evenings.  The parade will have already happened but now you’ll have some more winter weather to contend with – Thanks, Kari!  But we’ll be there, at least in part, and if you’re in town come down a point or two and join us! {News flash – impending storm yet again, so Essex Ed is not at his post – you won’t see him as you pass by, regretfully}



Blizzard Colbie

How I wish that was a new ice cream treat… Today we’re all snow bound though a couple of handfuls braved the roads to gather at the Gris last night.  Joseph made it down and played a couple of sets solo to a room of about thirty house guests and a few regulars.  Abby snapped a few shots of just Jos trying to stick to a more PG-rated list of songs for the mixed-age families having dinner.  But at least it can be said that the old historic tavern kept the music up despite snow or rain or heat or gloom of night…

Borrowed from

Borrowed from

The Rest of January

This past Monday was tremendous and we even provided you a laugh track!  January and February are usually our “quiet” months as we get to present some of our nicer songs, more akin to the folk musicians we are!  We hope you’ll brave the cold and frost to join us each Monday as we count down to St-Patrick’s Day.


Don’t forget –

And in our historical musings threads… Broadside Ballads


We all had a tremendous time last night in New Haven!  The Amples did a terrific job (they really should get more gigs!) and the crowd seems to really have been ramped up to see us… Great show, great venue, GREAT crowd!  Thank you for coming down and for supporting the cause for the St-Pats parade!

Café Nine show, 10 Jan 2015 - photo by our Kari Muzer.

Café Nine show, 10 Jan 2015 – photo by our Kari Muzer.

St-Pat’s Benefit Concert in New Haven

So this coming Saturday the 10th, we’re playing at Café Nine (on the corner of State and Crown streets) in New Haven – the objective, to raise funds for the city’s St-Patrick’s Day parade.  We’ll arrive to set up around 7:30, the show begins around 9 with the band The Amples and then we’ll do a couple of sets.  It’s a bar, so only 21 and older, please.  Come on down, all our fans from the New Haven area – this is another opportunity to participate with us on your home turf!  Check the flier here for details.



Coupla three new songs –