Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Jovial Three

Cliff is away on some much needed holiday for the next coupla weeks… We’re down to three during that time.  All the more reason you should join us and help fill in the space!

Thank you all for your support during St-Pats day!  We had a splendid time and it appears so did you!


St-Patrick’s Day

Well here begins the season!  This coming Monday the 7th we have (so we’ve come to understand) a “slew of birthdays” including for our delectable twins.  Then Sunday the 13th – “Parade Day” for New Haven, we’ll be at Cafe Nine again – 4-6p!  Come on down!  No cover charge this time!

Monday the 14th we won’t be at the Gris – because of St-Pat’s day we’ve traded with the usual Thursday night group – The Dizzy River Band!  Instead,  on Thursday we’ll be in the Covered Bridge Room, 6:30 to 10:00 or so.  Trust me… If you want to be seated for this make a reservation!  It fills in very quickly!  860.767.1776

Squeezy Leprechaun