Monthly Archives: May 2016

Upcoming Survivor’s Night

After some discussion with various parties of direct interest it has been decided that we WILL be hosting the annual “Survivor’s Night” on Monday, 13 June.  So regard this as a call for performers should you have an interest – SURVIVOR’S NIGHT @ the Gris wherein various musicians and groups come to perform in turn on our “stage” in the back “covered bridge” room.  This is a concert format rather than a regular tavern night, but we plan to have a speaker in the tap room for those of you who wish to chat and not overpower the singer-guests.  Look through our photos to see the previous years’ events!  No electric instruments or complicated setups, please – we just don’t have the time or the room.  Request that you stick to “old songs”, not necessarily nautical, but this isn’t an “open mic night” so classic rock, show tunes, &c are out of place.  Please contact me at for arrangements.

And speaking of old songs, I have updated the page for “Oh Good Ale, Thou Art My Darling“.

We are four jolly fishermen…

Rick is back from holiday in the UK and we’ll be a complete band again.  Come on down and welcome the man back!  And it being the merry month of May we’ll pull out some of our seasonal songs – Hal an Tow – to welcome in the May.  Come one sing all!!