Monthly Archives: March 2017

A Brian Birthday

Happy spring, everyone!  Cliff is away for a couple of weeks but we left behind will continue the cause… Our own Brian Woronick is celebrating his birthday and plans many friends to come down on Monday to celebrate.  Bring those singing voices, too!

Photo de Cait Clark.

Parade Day Weekend

The season is upon us… This Sunday we’ll be at Cafe Nine in New Haven during their “Parade Day” which is to say their St-Patrick’s Day parade.  We’ll be playing from 4 – 7p… A great way to see us closer to your home if you travel from that direction!

Then we will NOT be at the Gris on the following day Monday the 13th (horrors!!!)  We’ve traded with the regular Friday night band in order that we play on St-Pat’s Day at the Gris… We’ll be in the Covered Bridge Room from 8:00 to 11/11:30p.  Make your dinner reservations now! 860.767.1776

Danny Spooner

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of our dear friend Danny Spooner.  Please visit the memorial page for brother Danny to learn, hear, see more about him.

2016 – Photo by Janet Buck-Marusov