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Welcome to our new e-home.  While still a work in progress, we hope that this will prove a good station for all of our fan base.  Feel free to comment and request and we’ll do our best!  And I encourage you to check out the links to some of our friends and associates!

Thanks to Greg McGuire, to Bob Stepno, and to Donna Goodspeed for their encouragement, advice, and pointers as I create this site!

From our former site



What a tremendous Survivor’s Night!  An incredible lineup and an even better crowd!  You were all so very patient with the concert format versus our usual weekly pub performance and I cannot praise you all enough for it!


Singing “Bide Awhile” to all of you.



Now the Sea Music Festival is upon us, and then monday the 10th will be our traditional “Survivor’s Night“, or a gathering of those still in the area after the four days of the festival.  Folks come down for dinner at the Gris and we do our show but with the twist of moving into the “back room” and inviting performers in turn to get up and present a song or two to the delight of all of you and other performers.  It is more of a concert setting, so while we heartily encourage you to sing along, we do ask that for this night you keep the noise to a minimum, or if you need to chat loudly, please remain in the tap room where you can still hear us but avoid the “ssSSSsshhhhh…” of the crowd!  This is a private concert… FOR YOU.


Spring 2013

And finally spring is here!  With the warmer weather, the Gris scene for Monday can get a bit busy… But we’re looking forward to the season, being so over the cold, snow, and too little sunlight.

We’re putting together our summer schedule and certainly every Monday we’re at the Griswold Inn.  Cliff will be singing at this year’s Sea Music fest in Mystic (June).  The next Cliff album, The Happy Man, should be out sometime in May.  Rick and Joseph are working on some new material and a possible recording. Check back periodically for updates to the schedule!

the concertina eggcup song


And The Crew Bends With The Wind

Most of you are aware that our Tim has relocated to Florida to help his parents out during pressing medical issues.  As you come down to see us, we have been joined by our regular stand-in Rick Spencer to be a regular member of the band.  He brings quite a lot of experience and a sack full of songs and we love singing along with the man.  Tim will be back one day, but don’t miss the experience of the current form of The Jovial Crew: check the schedule regularly to see what’s going on!



And we’re back!

To all our crew!  We’re coming back in force and this year promises to  be even better than last!  Look at our schedule for January…
Truly looking forward to rejoining all of you!


Holiday Vacation

Thank you all for coming down this past Monday and your patience as the sound system crapped out; you were all very good in helping me belt out a few real chanties while Rick and Tim dealt with the sound board failure.  The real chanties/work songs were meant to be belted out to create the rhythm for the work-task at hand, no sound system available… You are indeed the “crew” that makes us Jovial!!

Have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year’s!  We want you all to come back in one piece!  We return on Monday the 7th of January with Tim and me but with Rodney Brown – guitar, vocals, possibly some ukelele.  Rick will rejoin us the following Monday… I sent along the card to Cliff with all your well-wishes.  Pay him a visit at !

04/10/12 And here we are! It’s taking some time what with everything else going on… But the site is indeed in progress. Leave a message if you wish to be in contact and keep coming back… We’ll be building an interesting site for our fans. We play every Monday night at the Griswold Inn in Essex, CT. And thank you to Greg McGuire for all his continuing help!


Marti Reisman

Just saw you tonight at Branford Folk. I forgot to leave my email address for the new CD. So here it is (see above). Your are a great group, performance-wise, voice-wise, wise-wise. What a treasure, right here in CT.

Hi guys found your website and want to say hello. Miss you guys and your music.  I hope to make it back to the Gris soon.

Fair winds, Capt. Jon wisch. (Schooner Quinnipiack)