Welcome to our new e-home.  While still a work in progress, we hope that this will prove a good station for all of our fan base.  Feel free to comment and request and we’ll do our best!  And I encourage you to check out the links to some of our friends and associates!

Thanks to Greg McGuire, to Bob Stepno, and to Donna Goodspeed for their encouragement, advice, and pointers as I create this site!

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. rick spencer

    I just want to say what an honor it is for me to be in the company of these musicians. Cliff Haslam is an international legend in our community. Joseph Morneault may be the best support player I’ve ever worked with, and shows promise of being an excellent lead man. Tim Marth is an unrivaled (in my experience) showman and entertainer. The “Monday Night at the Gris” scene is a local, national and international legend. Thanks boys, for letting me into this very exclusive club.

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