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Marching Along…

The first Monday in March looks better than the past many weeks… perhaps a little snow dusting in the morning but then a beautiful day!  Come wrap it up by singing along with us that evening!  We begin to look towards St-Pats and the promise of spring!



Much like Mardi-Gras, here is the annual Fasnacht in Basel, Switzerland.  Tonight – Sunday at 10p – will be 4a Monday in Basel and if you chose to view the live feed you can see things step off.  It is quite an experience, I can personally tell you, and while it has nothing to do with sea or tavern music, so many of our fans and friends are from Basel and environs.  Fifes (piccolos, really) and drums… more recently they’ve permitted bagpipes and bands during most of the festival.

Great Show!

The roads were clear enough that we had a full band and a room of attentive, full-throated participants!  That’s what were talking about!!  You were all tremendous and we’re looking forward to next week!

As of 2:30 today…

I stopped in at the Gris this afternoon to get the word and it appears that we’re on for tonight.  Still, keep your eyes open and if you feel that you’d rather not travel in this, stay home and cozy!  For those of you close enough or bold enough to come in, do be careful on them roads.  Call ahead to see if anything has changed for this evening – 860.767.1776.  And do not park on the street – the town has issued a parking ban until sometime tomorrow in order to let the town plow clean up and salt the street periodically.


pic contributed by Donna Goodspeed.


Keep yer weather eye out…

<BIG sigh!>  Alright, third storm in as many Mondays.  This time we have weather storm Ellie/Marcus – it seems that not only cannot the CT weather and the national weather agree on using the same names for winter storms but they cannot even agree on the gender!  Bloody idiots, they!

According to WFSB, Essex will be in the 3 to 6 inch range of snow and mess accumulation.  That’s by the time it’s all over – SO there IS a possibility that we’re on for Monday night the 9th.  You can check back here for updates OR you can go directly to the source – give the Gris a call and inquire about Monday night and us and they’ll have a ready answer – 860.767.1776 – and ask if The Jovial Crew is on for the evening.

drinking snowman

Storm Kari update

It is Monday afternoon and I just heard from the general manager of the Gris – they are calling off tonight’s performance on account of the particularly icy conditions on the road.  Please pass the word to your friends and acquaintances who might have been thinking of taking the chance on the roads.

Also for those who are interested, there has been an update on the Danny Tribute page – photos of the performers.


We’ll see you next week!