Keep yer weather eye out…

<BIG sigh!>  Alright, third storm in as many Mondays.  This time we have weather storm Ellie/Marcus – it seems that not only cannot the CT weather and the national weather agree on using the same names for winter storms but they cannot even agree on the gender!  Bloody idiots, they!

According to WFSB, Essex will be in the 3 to 6 inch range of snow and mess accumulation.  That’s by the time it’s all over – SO there IS a possibility that we’re on for Monday night the 9th.  You can check back here for updates OR you can go directly to the source – give the Gris a call and inquire about Monday night and us and they’ll have a ready answer – 860.767.1776 – and ask if The Jovial Crew is on for the evening.

drinking snowman

1 thought on “Keep yer weather eye out…

  1. Songbird

    Sigh…. I think I’m going through sea music withdrawal. You guys don’t make house calls, do you?


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