So Cliff is home and healing up although our man is still in a great deal of pain.  He thanks everyone for all of their good wishes and plans to stop in and say hello whenever he can – it may be some time, though.

Rick will have returned from his trip down the E-RI-E Canal and will rejoin us this next Monday the 25th.

And our thanks to everyone who came down last night and made it so much fun!  How we do LOVE people who sing along on the choruses with conviction!!

2 thoughts on “Returns

  1. John Strano

    Are your songs purchasable/downloadable online?
    …or do I need to buy the CD?

    1. JosMorn Post author

      Hello John,

      As a band we do not currently have a recording… Long story. But Cliff’s recordings are available on his website and of the three, Leaning in the Wind is available to download via CD Baby (you’ll find the link on that page). The Jovial Crew backed Cliff up on the two newer recordings.

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