Some of you may have noted that there is not longer a subscription option.  Our regrets, however part of what is suspected of having crashed our site was the sheer number of subscription “bots” that had been hammering away trying to break into the site.  The point of the subscription option was to automatically send you a memo whenever we posted a new page or such and I understand that this simply was not happening.  This makes the option superfluous as well as tempting to trolls trying to screw things up.  If you wish to continue receiving the monthly-odd updates and notifications, please send me your e-mail address and I will put it in our secret address locker, sending the updates via blind copy as has been done in the past.

Don’t forget that the Monday of 22 Sept. will be our “Pirate Night” by request, in acknowledgement of the annual Talk like A Pirate day.  Come down attired in appropriate pirate and wench costume as sing the night away!  And Cliff may stick his head in for a little while, too!

Remember that our day will be the following Monday the 22d!



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