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Don Sineti

Received word today from Geoff Kaufman regarding our dear friend Don Sineti – deep voice like a fog horn calling out to ships.  Rather than rewrite everything, I will include the text herein…

<<Dear friends all,

Some of you know but many may not that our special friend and  chantey man extraordinaire Don Sineti has been contending with some health issues for the last three months that have had him in and out of the hospital and a rehabilitation care facility all tat time.  He seems to be on the mend now, although the healing process will be long.
Don is such a humble soul that he would never ask for help but we realized that with loss of income alone he could probably use some, so we’ve cooked up some benefit concert/chantey blast events for the purpose

Here is a calendar of events scheduled so far:
Sat.  April 11, 2015 –  Mystic, CT – from 2-5pm at the German Club – 54 Greenmanville Ave. (just across the street from the main entrance to the museum.) – Geoff is the point person here.
Wed. April 22, 2015  – McKinnon’s Irish Pub in downtown Hartford (on Asylum St. just east of Trumbull) – Jeanne Freeman thinks we might start at 6pm, but let’s get an answer from her. In any case, she runs the session down there and I believe it officially starts at 7pm
Sun. May 3, 2015  – South Street Seaport Museum – from 2-4:30pm – 12 Fulton St. (lobby) – downtown New York City. The NY Packet will host this and combine it with our being back at the seaport since the hurricane. We will pass the hat once for the seaport and once for Don.
Some Sunday night in May (other than the 3rd) to be determined by Bill Wallach to hold one at the Main Pub in Manchester, CT.

Please consider making it to one of these events, or if you want to just send a check directly to Don, his address is:
Donald A. Sineti
54 Ellsworth
Bloomfield, CT 06002
Hope to see you at the German Club on Aprill 11!
Fair Winds,
Please pass the word!

2 thoughts on “Help for a sea-music friend

  1. Mya Llure

    With regret I will not be available to play with your group on May 4, as I just accepted a permanent Monday night gig. Thank you for your kindness.


    1. JosMorn Post author

      I congratulate you on your Monday gig! We’re at the Griswold Inn every Monday like clockwork with rare exception, so should you find yourself in the area please do stop in!



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