Survivor’s Night

The second weekend in June is always the Sea Music festival in Mystic, CT.  The Monday after – in this case, the 10th – we host an evening called traditionally “Survivor’s Night”… That is to say, those who can crawl to Essex after such a busy weekend.  Instead of the tap room, we’ll perform the whole of the evening in the back room, or “Covered Bridge” room.  If you want a seat, call for dinner – 860.767.1776

It an evening of great music by talented musicians who are not used to the high volume chatter of our regular Monday nights.  Please. come to listen and sing along, but if you wish to chatter through the performances, hang out in the tap room where there will be an additional speaker to pipe in music.

And More St-Pats…

Nice little show down in New Haven yesterday despite the rain… Tonight we’re back at the Gris and then SUNDAY we’ll be performing in the Covered Bridge Room, 7p to 10:30p   Call for dinner reservations! 860.767.1776

Cafe Nine, New Haven. Photo by Linda-Crystal Young

St-Patrick’s Day!

The season is upon us… This Sunday the 10th we’ll be at Cafe Nine in New Haven during their “Parade Day” which is to say their St-Patrick’s Day parade.  We’ll be playing from 3 – 6p… A great way to see us closer to your home if you travel from that direction!  Come sing, come dance, bring your friends!

Recently uncovered

David Littlefield handed me this photo just the other day… of himself and our Vinnie Lang (sunglasses) playing the CT River Raft Race – July 1984 – as the “Distant Cousins”. Photo given by David Littlefield, photographer unknown.  Vinnie played an electric bass with us and is mostly the one responsible for us including you the audience in our laughs whereas before we would cover the mics and have the jokes between ourselves.  Talented guitarist and several other instruments.  Vinnie removed to Maine in around 1990 and died there in 1996.

Oh Griswold tree, oh Griswold tree…

By now a traditional repost…   See you on Monday for OUR Christmas!

Oh Griswold Tree, Oh Griswold TreeGriswold Tree
Upon the coal stove eternally.
Oh Griswold Tree, Oh Griswold Tree
A relic from antiquity
For Christmastide and St-Patrick’s spray
For Mother’s and for Groundhog Day
Oh Griswold Tree, Oh Griswold Tree
In every tap room photo be!

(Jos. Morneault – Noel 1997)