Storm Watch

Sunday the 22d we’re fairly certain of Hurricane Henri.  How this will affect Monday night remains to be seen.  Please do call ahead before making the trip, just in case something or other should prevent our regular Monday night from happening.

Griswold Inn – 860.767.1776

5th of July

On Monday the 5th there is an expectation of a larger than normal crowd.  So, the Gris has decided to move us into the back room, or “Covered Bridge Room”.  If you plan to have something to eat, you’ll want to make a reservation (860.767.1776).  Otherwise, the tap room will have our performance piped into it, and should you come into the back room, the usual rules apply: Be there FOR the music, not to talk over it, don’t get in the way of the wait staff, try not to hover over dinner guests, don’t take a chair until it is clear that it has been given up (dinner guest has left), &c, &c.

Triumphant return!

So good to be back!!  Full house and responsive, invested audience!  Missing Cliff and Tim but next week we should see Cliff and then Tim not too far in the future!  We were joined by Paul Elliott and Thomas Wolf and a few of our frequent friends… And we look forward to seeing you next time!

24 May 2021 – photo by Geoff Paul

Aaannnd… We’re Back!

We’ve just heard from the Gris and, barring any setbacks in state rules, we’re returning to our regular venue on Monday, 24 May 2021!  That’s just shy of 4 weeks from today!  It looks as though we’ll be in the “Covered Bridge Room” for more space, and there MAY be limited numbers permitted in the room at any one time!  We’ll begin at 8p like old times.  If you’re not vaccinated or have a compromising medical condition, please use your head and consider waiting until we’re even further into safe waters.

By Kari Muzer

Very soon…

Well, with Covid vaccinations coming ’round and states around us opening up, it’s just a matter of time before we’re back, too.  We don’t want to push it, as none of us want to catch it or draw a packed crowd into the tap room too soon… But do stay in touch!  Which means we gotta practice!!