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Monday the 31st will be our Halloween!  Not so often that the holiday and Monday coincide!  Come down in your best costume and sing along with the spirits acquired in the tap room!

Port Jefferson, NY

This coming Saturday, the 1st of October, Cliff and Joseph will be performing at the 2d annual Port Jefferson Maritime Music Festival.  Joseph as a solo artist while Cliff will be with the Ancient Mariners Chanteymen.  Noon to 7p.

Hawaiian Shirt Night!

Monday the 1st will be our annual Hawaiian Shirt Night!  SO many reasons but mostly that it’s usually hot and who doesn’t love exotic drinks and girls in grass skirts!  Break out your favourite Hawaiian shirt, Bermuda shorts, grass skirt, grab a lei and come on down for drinks and song!  Pass the word; come and get leid!

A Hot Evening At The Gris!

A couple of pics from last night’s performance…

CT Sea Music Festival!

We are part of a stellar lineup of performers slated for the first Connecticut Sea Music Festival to be held in Essex, CT on 10 – 13 June!  A Friday symposium at the public library followed by an evening concert (we’re the final act); Saturday and Sunday workshops/performances in several locations in the village with an evening concert on Saturday and a wrap-up concert Sunday afternoon.  Monday is the day of rest but at the public library at 4 there will be a presentation regarding the British attack of Essex in 1814, and then in the evening we will have our “Survivor’s Night” in the Griswold Inn!

Go to the for details!