Well, none of us really expected anything like what we all are experiencing at this time.  It is unprecedented in our lifetime.  With good precaution in mind, all bars and restaurants are shut down and any gathering of more than 10 people is strongly cautioned against… We in the music industry have lost our livelihood along with those in the service field.  But as bleak as it might seem right now, we know that there will be an end to it and we’ll be able to celebrate together when the cloud lifts!  Please, please listen to the advice of medical and scientific experts and stay safe & healthy.  Come look at our videos if you’d like a fix!  Reach out here or on Facebook if you should feel inclined and we’ll get back!  And we’re eager to sing with you again!

Shut Down

Due to the rising concerns and growing steps taken to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus, the Griswold Inn has cancelled tomorrow night’s St-Pats dinner and all events for the foreseeable future.  So, Monday nights are going dark for the time being.  Both the Griswold Inn and we – The Jovial Crew – are saddened that current events have forced our hand.  Please, please stay safe and healthy, and with luck and our collective perseverance, we will all come out healthy on the other end and have reason to resume and celebrate!  Wash your hands and keep home!

St-Pats dinner and show at the Gris

As of today – Friday the 13th (a good luck day for me, historically) –  The Griswold Inn plans to move forward with its St-Pats dinner and show on Tuesday, the 17th, 7p to 10:30p.  Use your best judgement: should you feel ill in the slightest, you may wish to celebrate from home.  But we plan to continue on as long as the event isn’t cancelled.  If it is, we’ll post the news here and on Social Media.  Otherwise, proceed as normally!

A Sailor’s Valentine

Valentine’s Day will be the very day after our Monday show… So come on down and express your romantical side!  Wear something sweet, sing to your sweetie, show us some love!

Oh Griswold Tree, Oh Griswold Tree

By now a traditional repost…   OUR Christmas will be Monday the 23d!  Most people dress up for the occasion; some in formal attire, some in ugly holiday sweaters.  And don’t forget that all of December we begin a little late in order to make room for the wandering carolers.

Oh Griswold Tree, Oh Griswold TreeGriswold Tree
Upon the coal stove eternally.
Oh Griswold Tree, Oh Griswold Tree
A relic from antiquity
For Christmastide and St-Patrick’s spray
For Mother’s and for Groundhog Day
Oh Griswold Tree, Oh Griswold Tree
In every tap room photo be!

(Jos. Morneault – Noel 1997)